A tall, dark skinned man with a neatly shaven head, kohled eyes, and a grave, intense expression, wearing ornate linen robes and smelling of rare unguents and spices.


Name: Kahotep (“with a serene soul”)

Stats STR 11 (+0) DEX 10 (+0) CON 16 (+3) CHA 14 (+2) INT 15 (+2) WIS 19 (+4)

Hit Points: 40 AC: 16

Saves Fortitude: +7 Reflex: +1 Will: +8

Attacks Ranged: +3 Melee: +3

Skills (20) Diplomacy: +4 (+6) Heal: +4 (+8) Knowledge (religion): +4 (+6) Profession (priest): +2 (+6) Spellcraft: +6 (+8)

Feats (4) #Selective Channeling: Limit who is affected by Channel Energy. #Improved Turning: +2 bonus to Channel Energy DC. #Brew Potion: Brew a potion, salve or oil that recreates the effect of any spell of 3rd level or lower which targets one or more creatures. This takes 2 hours if its value is 250gp or less, otherwise it’s 1 day per 1,000gp. He can set its caster level from the minimum that can cast the spell up to his own level. The base price of a potion is spell level x caster level x 50gp. Brewing one consumes half this price in reagents. He must make all the choices that one would normally make in casting, when creating the potion. Whoever drinks/uses the potion is the target of the spell. If casting the spell consumes an expensive reagent normally, he must include it in the brewing. #Scribe Scroll: Scribing a scroll takes the same amount of time as brewing a potion, but it can be used to inscribe any spell he knows, and the price is only half as much (base of 25gp), not counting rare reagents.

Equipment (2400gp) #Bronze flail: 1d8×2, bludgeoning, 5lbs. #Bronze dagger: 1d4 (18-20×2), piercing/slashing, 1lb. #Bronze breastplate: +5 AC, -4 ACP, speed 20’, weight 30lb. #Wooden buckler: +1 AC, -1 ACP, 5lbs. Osiris-cult regalia Embalming tools and supplies The Book of the Dead

Miracles Daily

Level 0 (4) #Stabilize (2): Speak and gesture at a dying creature within 35’ to automatically stabilize it. #Create Water: Speak and gesture to create up to 10 gallons of water within 35’. #Light: Touch something to cause it to illuminate a 20’ radius brightly and 40’ radius dimly for 50 minutes.

Level 1 (3+1) #Bless: The priest and all his allies within a 50’ burst of him get a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and saves vs. fear for 5 minutes. #Cause Fear: One living thing within 35’ with 5HD or less makes a will save against DC15. If it fails, it becomes frightened and flees if at all able, or cowers in place until attacked if it can’t. If it succeeds, it becomes shaken for 1 round. #Cure Light Wounds: The priest lays his hand on someone or something and heals it for 1d8+5. Undead are damaged for the same amount, with a will save for half damage. #Magic Weapon: The priest blesses a weapon, giving it +1 to attack and damage for 5 minutes.

Level 2 (2+1) #Cure Moderate Wounds: like CLW, but 2d8+5. #Death Knell: The priest touches a dying creature and draws out its life force, killing it and gaining +2 to strength, +1 to caster level, and 1d8 bonus hit points for 10 minutes per HD of the victim, who gets a will save vs. DC16 to attempt to negate it. #Hold Person: If the human victim fails at a will save, they become paralyzed for up to 5 rounds. Each round after the first they get another chance to save which consumes their whole round, not that they were doing much otherwise.

Level 3 (1+1) #Blindness/Deafness: A creature within 150’ of the priest is immediately and permanently struck blind or deaf with a single word, unless it saves Fortitude vs. DC17. #Summon Monster III: With an incantation and a gesture, the priest can cause to appear, depending on his wishes and the local environment, a fiendish crocodile, huge fiendish centipede, fiendish constrictor snake, large fiendish viper, 1d3 celestial giant bombardier beetles, 1d3 large fiendish centipedes, 1d3 medium fiendish scorpions, 1d4+1 medium fiendish centipedes, 1d4+1 celestial giant fire beetles, or 1d4+1 small fiendish scorpions. The summoned monsters fight his enemies to the best of their abilities for 5 rounds and then go away again.

Holy Powers and Abilities #Channel Energy (Su), 5/daily: As a standard action, he can release a wave of negative energy in a 30’ burst, dealing 4d6 damage to all living things (save Will vs. 16 for half damage) other than himself. Undead within the radius are healed by the same amount and must save Will or fall under his command semi-permanently. He can command up to 5HD of undead, and can relinquish control of undead to gain control of new undead. Intelligent undead receive a new save daily to attempt to break free. When channelling energy he can choose up to two other creatures (living, dead or somewhere inbetween) that are not affected by the energy. #Spontaneous Casting: Can convert spells spontaneously to Inflict Wounds of that level (1d8+5, 2d8+5, 3d8+5) with a touch. The negative energy heals undead for the same amount.



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